“Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found” a book by Bill Keaggy
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Janie takes a trip to Florida with her friends where she meets a man with fine tastes -- and an S.T.I. She strays.
Goat cheese, onions, potatoes, baguette, garlic, parsley, asparagus, eggs, vino, beer, ckn, marinara, pasta, cereal, tomatoes (fresh & canned), lite cream, shallot, pastry crust, pancetta, eggs, Menu: quiche, roasted asparagus, potatoes: Balsamic ckn, herb/roasted, orzo (creamy); Wal-Mart: Duck tape (not duct), white/off-white, varnishes, paintbrushes, coochie wash, mascara, day planner, file folder